Billion Women, a charity that champions the rights of women with a focus on safety, homelessness and dignity.

Empowering Billion Women by raising voice for equality, safety & education. We aim to empower women with a voice for their human rights and raise awareness about barriers and inequalities girls & women face in their everyday life.
Registered charity no.1168560 Registered as a charity in England and Wales. UK.


Dignity Kits

We support and help women displaced by homelessness, poverty and crisis. Billion women distributes dignity kits to homeless women sleeping rough on the streets –
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 Safety of women on public spaces 

Although violence in the private domain is now widely recognised as a human rights violation, violence against women and girls, especially sexual harassment in public spaces, remains a largely neglected issue, with few laws or policies in place to prevent and address it.

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Education for girls is fundamental in the fight against poverty.
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