At Trafalgar Square London – Event hosted by Mayor of London 2017

#VaisakhiLDN  We received an overwhelming interest in BILLION WOMEN , our team was on their feet all day, talking, listening and providing information about our projects. It was nice to meet the Mayor of London, Billion Women CEO spoke with the Mayor about our and women’s safety issues on public spaces in London. Support & help our cause Donate 


At Trafalgar Square  – Event hosted by Mayor of London 2016

Billion Women Interacting with visitors, educating  and talking about  refugee women need more than shelter and food to meet their basic needs, the inhumane conditions that they have had to endure during their journey to asylum. Support & help our cause Donate Now  

Event at  City Hall London –  hosted by Mayor of London 2016

Empowering women & raising awareness about the challenges homeless women face everyday in their search for safety and survival when  sleeping rough on the streets –  event at City Hall London –  hosted by the mayor of London. Billion Women team interacting with the visitors and we were really overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of visitors for our work. Support & help our cause Donate

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