Dignity Kit

How do homeless women’s needs differ from homeless men’s; Billion Women research found that #homeless #women‘s need for female essentials are overlooked, this lead us to create a Dignity Kit – a bag packet with feminine hygiene products for girls & women sleeping rough on the streets or hidden and homeless.
Women who become homeless may be more likely to have experienced domestic violence than men. Women may be more physically vulnerable inside homelessness services as well as on the streets. There is a lack of generic services for women – they are often specialised i.e. A woman can only access a ‘women’s homelessness’ service if she is a woman who also has mental health problems, or a woman who also speaks English as a second language etc.  

Distributing Dignity Kits in London

Pregnancy and children – there is currently little opportunity for women who are homeless to have safe contact with their children. Women are more likely to be ‘defined’ by their sex rather than men when it comes to living in hostels etc. They are prone to sexual advances and aggression and may be forced into ‘relationships’ and/or selling sex as ways of attempting to ‘find safety’.

Raising Your Voice

‘Raising your Voice’ because your opinion matters – we aim to #empower#women displaced by homelessness, poverty war & crisis, giving them a safe space for raising their concerns and issues when they are learning to cope with the challenges they face everyday. Women are often at greater risk than other affected populations. More awareness and greater focus is needed on women who are #displaced.

Raising  Your Voice – Workshops and Talks