Billion Women’s Dignity Kit

After talking to many leading charities we discovered that women’s need for female essentials are overlooked when distributing aid for people displaced by homelessness, poverty & crisis.
This lead us to create a Dignity Kit – a bag packet with feminine hygiene products for girls & women.    
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‘Every day is a struggle sleeping rough’


We support and help women displaced by homelessness, poverty and crisis. Billion women distributes dignity kits to homeless women sleeping rough on the streets – a bag packed with women’s essential hygiene needs.

Our team in action distributing dignity kits to homeless women sleeping rough on the streets of London.

Billion Women aims to distribute Dignity Kits to women & girls displaced by homelessness, poverty, war & crisis. Our goal is to equipped them with the very important & essential female hygiene needs every women must have –  allow them a sense of dignity at a time when they need it most. Imagine having to cope without one while homeless.
It is essential to understand the needs for privacy & sanitation hygiene of displaced women.  #dignity All rights reserved.
WOMEN spend longer sleeping rough or in crisis accommodation when they are homeless than men. Many people also assume that the homeless are all drug addicts, criminals or prostitutes.
‘Every day is a struggle sleeping rough’  Donate Now

Homeless women in London 

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