Let’s celebrate successes but we mustn’t forget the issues – We have worked hard over the last year and we’d like to celebrate some of our successes tonight and raise awareness of the challenges that still exist for women on a global scale.

  Celebrating successes and highlighting the challenges. BILLION WOMEN celebrates International Women’s Day at the House of Lords! Hosted by the Lord and Lady Singh of Wimbledon. The theme for the discussion was sharing stories of successes, focusing on the challenges and rights issues the modern women faces. It was great to see everyone from all walks of life coming together and speaking about the challenges and issues close to their hearts. Thank you everyone for being a part of our celebration of International Women’s Day! We launched a campaign to raise awareness and  promote mental health and preventing mental illness,  a ‘prevention first’ approach is key to helping people avoid becoming homeless. Educating women about how to take care of their mental health and the importance of the mind plays a big part in our ‘prevention first’ campaign that aims help women gain greater control of the abusive environment and make home a safer place to live. #IWD #BillionWomen #beboldforchange