Education for girls

Education for Sustainable Development allows every human being to acquire the  knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future. “Development does not start with goods; it starts with people and their education,  organisation, and discipline. Without these three, all resources remain latent, untapped,  potential”  

Access to education is fundamental in the fight against poverty.

Nearly two-thirds of the 77 million children not attending school worldwide are girls. Everyone has a right to basic education. But in many parts of the world children, particularly girls, are denied this right to education.  

Our Work

We work with individuals, communities, partner organisations  to address all aspects of basic education. We provide books, stationery, clothes, shoes and help teachers to improve the quality of education. For example, in India, our after school learning programme helps girls with educational material, food and clothes, who have not attended school to catch up with their peers and join age-appropriate classes as soon as possible. Your donation will help girls living with poverty.

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Why improving girls’ access to education is good for everyone

Investing in girls’ education creates a ripple effect: educated girls tend to delay their first pregnancies, have healthier children, earn more income for the family, and are far more likely to send their own children to school. The result: wealthier families and communities. So the empowerment of girls is truly empowering, not just for them, but for everyone.     sustainable4       Empowering women is critical for achieving poverty eradication. They need to be made aware of their rights and entitlements, equipped with skills to make informed choice and negotiate for their rights and have access to resources for their development. Giving girls and women  power to go to school and learn how to read and write, learn how to care for the family,  then women will be empowered so that they can care for themselves and their family. Example: If a women can learn  a skill that they could earn money with, they will be able to climb out of poverty.       All rights reserved Billion Women 2017