Each year thousands of men & women sleep rough on the streets, homeless women are even more vulnerable on the street than men. The threat of physical attack or sexual assault has forced homeless women into hiding. Invisible and marginalised, they have limited access to essential support. Billion women founder Mani Kaur Bajwa  will be taking part in Sleep Out London with hundreds of individuals on Friday, 6 October 2917, Duke of York Square, Chelsea.This year’s £500 target will only be met with your support.
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    When the leaves start to change colour and night time temperatures drop, most people pull a coat out of their closet & put another blanket on their beds. It’s the things most of us take for granted in our lives that our homeless neighbours need the most. Billion Women distribute ‘Dignity Kits’ to women sleeping rough on the streets. Dignity kits contain basic hygiene and sanitary items, as well as a small blanket and under clothing to help women and girls maintain their basic hygiene needs while sleeping rough on the streets.
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