Let’s Talk Mental Health – We deliver talks to aim to encourage people to talk about their mental health. It’s good to see everyone opening up, sharing their stories and experiences. There are no hard and fast rules for talking about your own mental health. Our purpose is to encourage people to speak more openly …, at the same time educate about how to take care of your mind. Donation   Learn more about our Mental Health project..   Speaking at SOAS University of  empowering and educational discussion on It’s time to break the silence.   Today in this talk, delivered to a group of women at a social club on Homelessness; is homelessness only associated with sleeping on the streets? This is a part of our program – finding your voice & restoring dignity. It was a great way to interact with the group & raise voice about the issues which affects many girls & women from all ages around the world.       ‘Raising your Voice’ because your opinion matters – we aim to #empower #women displaced by homelessness, poverty war & crisis. Providing women a safe space for raising their concerns and issues when they are learning to cope with the challenges they face everyday. Women are often at greater risk than other affected populations. More awareness and greater focus is needed on women who are #displaced #safety   Discussion on to be homeless means to have nowhere permanent and safe that you are able to call home. A lot of people think homelessness means sleeping on the streets – you can be living in a home , but you are not safe and have no rights. Being homeless doesn’t always mean that someone is living on the streets. For example, they might have fallen out with their family which means they have had to move out, or it may be because of problems with mental health issues.       All rights are reserved Billion Women 2017